When Should Phosphate be Applied to a Crop?

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When we think of applying phosphate, we always think of it as a nutrient that is used early in a growing plant. This is, as we all know, a nutrient that is essential for root growth. As I am sure you are aware, all nutrients have many functions in a plant.

Phosphate is also very important in shortening the time that it takes for a crop to ripen. This takes PLANT AVAILABLE phosphate! So, applications of phosphate after planting will help shorten the growth cycle and speed up harvest time.

The best way to ensure that you are getting PLANT AVAILABLE PHOSPHATE is to use Cultivace FREE pHOS  8-24-0-0.25 Zn as your choice for a phosphate product. It is formulated with 100% ortho phosphate and uses proprietary technology to ensure that you get the most PLANT AVAILABLE phosphate possible.

Try it on your farm and experience the difference!!