CultivAce™ Soil Balancing

Why sets us apart from other foliar fertilizer manufacturing company?

What sets us apart from other foliar fertilizer manufacturing companies? We like to look at soil balance as a part of a complete program. If it’s not in the soil, sometimes the foliar fertilizer application won’t work.

We know that it’s not an N-P-K world. Balanced soil nutrition is the first step toward higher yields and high quality crops.

When we look at soil nutrients, we use a different soil test than most. We do look at standard tests in our testing, but along with that we also use a Morgan extract test. For balancing soils, we have developed a computer program based on soil energy. This program is based on what Dr. Carey Reams taught in his Biological Theory of Ionization.

The three nutrients that are required in the greatest quantity by plants are calcium, potassium and phosphorous. The plants need for these three nutrients in the soil can’t be replaced by using foliar fertilizers alone. Of these, the energy from the calcium and potassium are greatest for growth, while the phosphorous has the greatest impact on reproductive response in the plant.

When we are balancing soil, we are attempting to get a balance between the growth energy and the reproductive energy in the soil. Therefore, calcium and potassium energy is being balanced against the energy from the phosphorous in the soil.

If you decide to use soil balancing as we suggest, it is not a quick change in the soil. It takes a minimum of three years to get most soils back in balance. During this time period, your crops will improve in yield and quality each year.

If you are interested in having us make customized soil balancing and foliar recommendations, we do provide that as a service. We only use International Ag Labs ( for our soil analysis and we use the S3 and S5 tests. We charge $50.00 per sample for making recommendations. Please send us an email or give use a call if you need more information. ph 503-559-6972.