Exclusive Formulation and Program Reduces Cracking in Cherries and Other Fruits

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CultivAce Resistor Solves Age Old Problem of Cracking Fruit

February 19, 2016 – Dayton, OR – KWS Distributing has developed an exclusive formulation and program to help reduce rain-induced cherry cracking and cracking in other fruit. Based on extensive research and four years of trials with CultivAce brand Resistor, KWS has found that rain-induced cracking can be greatly reduced through its Resistor program and nutritional approach.

Application timing is very important and need to begin at the full bloom stage of growth. The applications can be combined with most pesticides, so additional applications are not needed.

“CultivAce brand RESISTOR is specially formulated to supply nutrients to the plant to minimize the incidence of fruit cracking. It also helps increase yield and crop quality,” said Wayne Sledge, KWS and CultivAce President, “and that’s the name of the game. Resistor and its accompanying program deliver results that not only address the cracking issue, but enhance flavor and color, increase fruit size and improve storability.”

About CultivAce

CultivAce is a manufacturer and distributor of a line of foliar fertilizers. The CultivAce line of fertilizers enhances agriculture crop yields and cultivates profits by delivering the highest quality organic-based foliar fertilizers. The CultivAce line of plant fertilizers uses acetates micronutrients to deliver nutrients to crops. CultivAce is a division of KWS Distributing, a distributor of agricultural products and fertilizers throughout Oregon, Washington, California and coast to coast. For more information, visit CultiveAceGrowth.com.