Plant Nutrients That Can’t Totally Come From a Foliar

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There are three nutrients that can’t totally be supplied by applications of foliar sprays. The three are calcium, potassium and phosphorous. The reason is that it takes a very large amount of these nutrients available in the soil for normal plant growth. On a Morgan test, there should be a minimum of 1800 pounds of available calcium and 175 pounds of P (400 pounds of P2O5) and 175 (200 pounds of K2O) pounds of K for fruiting plants, one half as much K for forage and non-fruiting crops.

Of these three, the one that is most often in short supply is the phosphorous. This is true of high and low p H soils. This happens because soil applied phosphorous is tightly bound by calcium or aluminum or iron.

The way that FREE PHOS 24 to work without being tied up is to add proprietary ingredients that keep the phosphorous in a FREE form. This allows us to use a lot less product per acre and get better results than conventional phosphate products.

Give it a try on your farm and see the results for yourself! Not magic, just good sound science.

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Find a CultivAce dealer near you and get
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