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How many of you think that you can get something for nothing? Usually, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, correct? Well, let’s take a look at plant essential nutrients. If a plant is dry ashed and analyzed, what are the top three nutrients and how much of the plant do the account for in total? Any quesses?

Didn’t mean for this to be a test, but the answer is 96% TOTAL!! The nutrients are CARBON, OXYGEN AND HYDROGEN. Carbon and oxygen account for about 45% each and hydrogen about 6%.

Where do they come from?  Carbon and oxygen from CO2 and hydrogen and oxygen from water, H2O.

There you have it. 96% of your plant is comprised from essential nutrients for FREE! Air and water.

Now the hard part comes. We need to provide the other 4% in the correct balance at the correct time to get the plant to express its full genetic potential. That becomes a real challenge because the balance is not easy, nor are the remaining nutrients free! They can prove to be a bargain if they provide the plant with what it needs when it needs it. That is why we developed our product line at Cultivace. We know how to get it to the plant and we also know what, when, where, why and how to get the job done.

To get the most out of your crops, rely on products from Cultivace. For more information visit our Agricultural Products page.

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Find a CultivAce dealer near you and get
your crops - and your profits-growing!
CultivAce… Growth begins here.