• Foliar feed nitrogen
  • Slowly available for up to 6 weeks
  • Can be combined with some pesticide products
  • Low burn potential
  • Reduces leaching losses

Slow Release Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer

SRN 28 is a nitrogen fertilizer that contains the highest percent of slow release nitrogen of any slow release product at 72 percent. The benefits are that a small but steady supply of nitrogen is available to your crops over a period of up to six weeks, so it won’t limit growth. Since the amount of nitrogen available at any one time is small, the risk of leaching is also relatively small, so SRN 28 fertilizer is more environmentally-friendly.

Total Nitrogen (N)………………28%
7.8% Urea Nitrogen
20.2% Other Water Soluble Nitrogen*
*20.2% Slow-Release Nitrogen derived from Urea-Triazone solution.

Derived from: Urea-Triazone Solution
10.6 lb/gal (4.8 kg) @ 68℉

Rates and timing of applications are dependent on local conditions, and should always be made as a result of soil or plant tissue analysis. Please refer to your local dealer representative or extension agent for use guidelines.

Bulk:___ Net weight ___

SRN 28-0-0 is a clear liquid, deriving its slow-release properties from Triazone Nitrogen (estimated release pattern is 8-12 weeks). SRN 28-0-0 is recommended for agricultural crops (row, vegetable, fruit, nut,field) and turf applications. SRN 28-0-0 is ideal for drip irrigation systems, ground and aerial applications. It is compatible with other NPK fertilizers, and can be tank mixed with most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Avoid strong acids or contact with aluminum, mild steel and brass. Jar tests should be performed to confirm compatibility before mixing with other components.

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