Increasing Fruit Size with Potassium and Manganese

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Plants use a lot of potassium during the period when they are filling their fruit. One of potassium’s role in the plant is to expand the cells. When this is occurring, most soils do not have enough available potassium for the plant. Since the amount required is so large, foliar applications of potassium alone are often not enough to meet the plants need. If adequate moisture is available, either from rainfall or irrigation, it is best to apply some to the soil.

There is one interesting interaction when adding potassium. The increase in potassium also increases the plants need for manganese. The best way to get the manganese to the plant is by making an application to the foliage.

One of the best products to use in this application is Mn Ace manganese acetate. The acetate molecule is very small and very active. Plants also make acetic acid, so the acetate is not foreign to the plant. Cultivace Mn Ace contains 5 percent manganese.

Give this a try on your on your next crop!!

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