FREE pHOS 24 & pH

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Why is FREE pHOS 24 spelled the way that it is? Because pH is very important when it comes to phosphate availability in the soil.

First, we should define what pH is. In scientific notation it stands for the potential of hydrogen. It is defined as the negative log of the hydrogen ion. It has NOTHING to do with how much calcium you might or might not have in your soil. It indicates the level of hydrogen ions that are present in your soil. The more hydrogen that is present, the lower the pH. The lower the pH, the more available elements such as iron, aluminum and manganese become. These bind with phosphate ions and make the phosphate unavailable.

The less hydrogen and more hydroxyl groups in the soil, the higher the pH becomes. When this happens, calcium becomes more available and binds with the phosphate to make calcium phosphate which is also unavailable.

Also, remember that pH is not a constant. It is always changing with the time of year, cropping, rainfall and may other factors. The sweet spot for pH is in the 6 to 7 pH range.

Why would you choose to apply FREE pHOS 24 to your farm? Because, it delivers proprietary ingredients to help keep the phosphate from being tied up in these low or high pH situations.

It’s not MAGIC, just good sound SCIENCE!!

Please visit our FREE pHOS page to learn more, or better yet, give us a call or send an email, get some product and try it for yourself.