Soil Sampling

When is the best time to take a soil sample? The best answer that I have is to ask what you want to see from the soil. If you take it after harvest, the soil will be at its lowest levels because the plant have depleted nutrients. If you wait until spring, the levels will [...]

Soil Nutrient Application for Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees for August

This is the month for stone fruit and nut orchards to have 200 pounds per acre of sulfate of potash magnesia applied. This is for orchards that have signs of gumming coming from the bark. This condition is found in trees such as cherries, peaches, and almonds. This is called pseudomonas, xanthomonas or many other [...]

An Answer to the High Cost of Phosphate Fertilizers

Are you concerned over the high cost of phosphate fertilizers? Soil applied phosphate is only 5% to 10% effective, which makes a pound of phosphate fertilizers really expensive. It is tied up in the soil with iron and aluminum in low pH soils and with calcium in high pH soils. An article in the recent [...]