Exclusive Formulation and Program Reduces Cracking in Cherries and Other Fruits

CultivAce Resistor Solves Age Old Problem of Cracking Fruit February 19, 2016 – Dayton, OR - KWS Distributing has developed an exclusive formulation and program to help reduce rain-induced cherry cracking and cracking in other fruit. Based on extensive research and four years of trials with CultivAce brand Resistor, KWS has found that rain-induced cracking [...]

Resistor – Reduce Cracking Now

Resistor 2-15-0 is a product that we have just recently developed for helping to reduce cracking in some fruit, particularly in cherry crops. It is composed of several different nutrients that we have found, that in combination, resist fruit cracking. Our research was done over the last 4 years on cherries. The program starts at [...]