Phosphate & Harvest Date

One function of phosphate in annual crops is to control the time from planting to harvest. If the plant does not have enough phosphate available, the time from planting to harvest will increase. We have been able to decrease the time, when we have applied our FreepHos 24 to corn crops, by as much as [...]

FREE pHOS 24 & pH

Why is FREE pHOS 24 spelled the way that it is? Because pH is very important when it comes to phosphate availability in the soil. First, we should define what pH is. In scientific notation it stands for the potential of hydrogen. It is defined as the negative log of the hydrogen ion. It has [...]


How much phosphorus is in soils? There is about 1,000 parts per million of phosphorus in the earths crust. However, phosphorus is never found by itself in the environment, it is always attached to other elements. So, if there is 1,000 ppm, then there is about 2,000 pounds of P in the top six inches [...]


There are three plant nutrients that can not be totally supplied to the plant thru foliar applied nutrients. These three are calcium, potassium and phosphate. In our soils in western Oregon, the only one that we have plenty of is potassium. Since our soils are acidic, we are constantly needing to apply calcium carbonate. The [...]

Soil Sampling

When is the best time to take a soil sample? The best answer that I have is to ask what you want to see from the soil. If you take it after harvest, the soil will be at its lowest levels because the plant have depleted nutrients. If you wait until spring, the levels will [...]