An Answer to the High Cost of Phosphate Fertilizers

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Are you concerned over the high cost of phosphate fertilizers?

Soil applied phosphate is only 5% to 10% effective, which makes a pound of phosphate fertilizers really expensive. It is tied up in the soil with iron and aluminum in low pH soils and with calcium in high pH soils.

An article in the recent issue of the Capital Press titled “Soil Breakthrough Helping Growers” talks about recent research into new ways of soil sample measurements. It implies that growers are applying too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen and phosphate, a belief that we have long held.

7-21-0CultivAce has an answer to this problem. Take a look at our 7-21-0 product and the accompanying data sheet. We have applied as little as 3 gallons per acre and have more phosphate in the plant 45 days after planting than the application of 30 gallons of 10-34-0! A huge savings in cost! Try our products on your farm and see for yourself!